You Know a Lot Less About Recycling Than You Think You Do (VIDEO)

Recycling is one of the simplest things you can do to help the planet. But do you know there are some things you should never, ever recycle? And some you always should, no matter what?

And most importantly, do you know the difference? What is accepted for recycling varies state to state and even community to community, which means you get to throw just about everything in the recycling bin while your BFF a few blocks away but in a different town might be able to recycle paper, maybe.

This episode of MomEd: Green Living on CafeMom Studios YouTube Channel has a handy little quiz that will take you through what usually can get recycled and what can't, and even more importantly, some recycling no-nos you should absolutely never commit.


One that I do all the time, and you probably do too? Mixing in colored paper with your white paper for recycling. Some places can take the colored paper, and some, like the places I go (since there isn't curbside recycling in my city), have one giant bin just for paper, all types. But if you have curbside recycling or recycling at your office, make sure you separate the colored paper from the white so the dyes don't get into the white stuff.

Here's another, and my husband certain people in my household do this all the time: nothing with food residue can get recycled. Not only can it attract critters to your recycling bin, but if grease from your pizza box or stray smears of curry from a Styrofoam takeout container get in the material as it's being recycled, it contaminates the whole process.

Find out more about the quiz by watching the episode below (and hey, I just gave you the answer to two questions!).

How did you do on the quiz? Have you committed any of these recycling no-nos?

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