Bloody Chainsaw Fight Between Neighbors Reminds Us to Be Nice to Ours


Wow. I've heard plenty of cases of neighbors who aren't particularly fond of each other, but one scuffle that went down between two men in Australia brings the battle over property lines to a whole new level.

Apparently they had a huge fight over -- wait for it -- "loud music and reckless driving," which ended with one of the men going over to the other's house with a chainsaw! In self defense, the other man grabbed a samurai sword he had in his home, and the two began attacking each other. One of them was left with his arm nearly severed, and the other had his finger chopped off. (Gross!)

And no, this story isn't some weird and twisted figment of my imagination -- because you really can't make stuff like this up. (Or at least I'm not that creative.)


The odds of battles between neighbors winding up bloody are pretty slim, but I can understand how things can get a bit heated when common courtesies are ignored.

He's since moved away (thank GOD), but the guy who used to live next door to me used to drive me absolutely bananas. He was a really nice guy and all, but he was totally OCD about keeping his lawn and the exterior of his home in meticulous condition, which resulted in hearing the hum of lawnmowers, weed wackers, and chainsaws (yikes), all day long, and sometimes into the wee hours of the night. And then when the weather turned colder and it would start to snow? This dude would get up at like 2 a.m. to go out and snow blow his driveway. Did I mention that his driveway is on the same side of the house as my master bedroom? Not gonna lie -- I threatened to go outside and run him over with his stupid snow blower on more than one occasion. (Just ask my husband.)

Of course, being the super sweet and considerate neighbor that I am -- I never actually said anything to him. I was always pleasant whenever we ran into each other, and after hearing about this crazy showdown in Australia, I'm glad I kept my mouth shut. (Remember I said he had a chainsaw?!)

It's better to be calm and civil and put up with a few noisy inconveniences than to get into a wild argument that might have a much worse outcome than expected.

Do you like your neighbors, or have you gotten into arguments with them?


Image via NNECAPA/Flickr

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