Goldfish Gets Fed Up & Teaches Bully Cat a Hilarious Lesson (VIDEO)

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I don't know about you, but I could seriously watch cat videos all day long. There is just something about their sophisticated, intelligent expressions combined with their silly antics that gets me laughing. But there is nothing funnier than a cool cat who thinks he has it all going on, who believes that he is completely in charge of a situation, and then boom! something happens that lets him know that, nope, he is not quite in charge. Not at all.

In this hysterical video, a long-haired cat finally gets his comeuppance. He clearly thinks he has everything under control with this creature who is far, far below him on the evolutionary ladder -- a goldfish. But fishy has a big surprise in store for him ...

The YouTube guy who captured this scene on his phone wrote that his putty tat liked to watch his fish, Oscar, every morning as Oscar swam in his tank, minding his own beeswax. But kitty would sit there omnipresently, somewhat menacingly, as if to say, "Fish ... if I wanted, I could eat you. I could eat you now, I could eat you later. But for the moment, I will merely toy with you. I put you on notice, fish."

And fish, apparently tired of this incessant bullying, finally says, "To hell with that!" Take a look:

Do you think Oscar's reaction was a bit too harsh, or just what Kitty deserved?

Image via tzmann5308/YouTube

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kebates kebates

Priceless!  I wonder if the cat bothers the fish anymore. 

Water... Water_geM

oscars are hilarious.

navyw... navywife0204

LOL!!! Kitty totally got what he deserved!!!


CPN322 CPN322

haha that was awesome :) 

Mary Renner

Not a "Goldfish" but still, hilarious! The cat totally had it coming!

FourD... FourDaughtersMI

Funny. I had a goldfish that used to make big splashing noises when it wanted me to feed it... which was all the time. 

mrsrobin mrsrobin

Oscars address known for being mean. Had a friends who had one and had to feed it from up high so he wouldn't butte your hand. Mean sucker

suziejax suziejax

that was seriously funny . I went and got dh to watch it again with me!

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