Lost Bird Finds Way Home by Telling Police His Address (VIDEO)

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lost birdHaving a bird for a pet can be lots of fun, but forgetting to shut the door to its cage can result in losing your little friend forever. One owner of an adorable blue "Budgy" knows this all too well, after he flew out of his cage and went out the window. But his owner had hopes that he wasn't officially gone for good because of a certain skill she'd taught him.

The lost bird wound up landing at a nearby hotel, and much to the surprise of police officers, they were able to bring him back home fairly quickly -- because he "spoke up" and told them his own address! (Ahh, yes -- I forgot to mention that this Budgy was a talking bird.)

Apparently this little guy had gotten out of his cage more than once, so his owner had the good sense to teach him to recite his street address, right down to the number.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about the savvy bird who knows exactly where home is.

How funny is this little guy's story? I can't even imagine the look on the police officers' faces when he started saying his address. I wonder if it took them a few minutes to figure out what he was trying to tell them? One thing's for sure, his owner never has to be concerned with his whereabouts should he fly away again!

Do you have a pet bird? What kinds of things have you taught it to say?




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PonyC... PonyChaser

What a smart move on the part of the owner! I've had birds off and on through my life. My childhood budgies always managed to escape, but we were always lucky enough to get them back. Once, my brother found one flying around inside the local grocery store. Another time, someone in town responded to a "Lost Pet" ad in the paper - we were able to correctly identify our boy by telling the rescuer that he slept hanging from the top of his cage like a bat!!

I've always had talking birds - budgies (parakeets) and now a cockatiel. The budgies talked, but my 'tiel, I've only taught to whistle. He won't even attempt to verbalize.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I want a bird. They seem like such wonderful pets.

marie... mariesmama

ours didnt talk hubby trained them to go back to their cage on command though

Eques... EquestrianMom

How samrt of the owners and the bird! I've had parrots before, but mine had a sense of humor, they learned to say names of foods which they liked, and somehow (even though I don't curse) learned to use comedic timing on bad words, like, when they didn't like the food you presented them with would be followed with an s word that means poop! LOL! I imagine it wouldn't have endeared them to police officers :P

mande... manderspanders

I've had 4 cockatiels, 2 males and 2 females in the past... one of them was a talker.  He would say "go get her" and "watchya doin".  The other male didn't talk but liked to mimic sounds - most notably he like to mimic the exact ring of the alarm clock.  The females were pretty quiet, neither made much noise beyond an occasional chirp or squak.

Although I'm surprised they said the bird cage was accidentally left open... I had both my cages open anytime I was home.  3 of my tiels would just hang out around the cage, sit on top of the cage, etc; the talker though, he was flyer and did clip his wings so he wouldn't be hit by the ceiling fan.  I'd think most bird parents open the cages at some point for some free play time.

CPN322 CPN322

What a smart lil guy and owner :) glad they were reunited!

Vicki Clark Harmon

Geesh they could of at least had the bird do his thing for the video

Terri Houglin

My cockatiel says:  "here kitty kitty kitty", we have lots of cats--so not a great thing to do, he calls the dog, "Ray Ray, c'mere", then he flaps his wings and she barks, he whistles the Andy Griffith song, says "I love you", "What'cha doin'", calls my son, wolf whistles too....he knows my son is on the way home before the dogs do, and he alerts the whole household of it.  I have to change the ringer on the telephone often, he can sound just like the phone, and it drives me nuts running for the phone and it's just him calling out.

xoxka... xoxkatiemarie

Pet birds are great! I have a cockatiel and a budgies. I love them!

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