Lost Bird Finds Way Home by Telling Police His Address (VIDEO)

lost birdHaving a bird for a pet can be lots of fun, but forgetting to shut the door to its cage can result in losing your little friend forever. One owner of an adorable blue "Budgy" knows this all too well, after he flew out of his cage and went out the window. But his owner had hopes that he wasn't officially gone for good because of a certain skill she'd taught him.

The lost bird wound up landing at a nearby hotel, and much to the surprise of police officers, they were able to bring him back home fairly quickly -- because he "spoke up" and told them his own address! (Ahh, yes -- I forgot to mention that this Budgy was a talking bird.)


Apparently this little guy had gotten out of his cage more than once, so his owner had the good sense to teach him to recite his street address, right down to the number.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about the savvy bird who knows exactly where home is.

How funny is this little guy's story? I can't even imagine the look on the police officers' faces when he started saying his address. I wonder if it took them a few minutes to figure out what he was trying to tell them? One thing's for sure, his owner never has to be concerned with his whereabouts should he fly away again!

Do you have a pet bird? What kinds of things have you taught it to say?


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