6 Easy Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your Messy Fridge (PHOTOS)

Yep. That's my fridge.
Ok, be honest. Are you a little bit afraid every time you open your refrigerator? I won't lie -- I'm pretty terrified at what's lurking inside mine. I'm way overdue for a good spring cleaning of my fridge -- and I'll honestly be lucky if some of its contents don't get up and walk right out my front door.

Every single time I clean my fridge out from top to bottom and wipe down the shelves and get it all sparkly shiny, I vow to never let it pile up with unused food and containers full of leftovers again. But somewhere in between work, spending time with my family, and running countless errands, it always winds up looking like something out of a horror movie.

Don't believe me? Then take a good look at this photo -- because that's my own fridge pictured.

And no, you're eyes aren't fooling you. There's a leftover pizza box from last weekend in there & a bottle of wine that seriously needs to be finished. (I'll get right on that later.) But don't ask me what's in the Ziploc bag sticking out of the deli drawer -- because I have no idea what's in there.

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Believe it or not though, when I do clean my fridge, I'm actually pretty good at it. Come to think of it, I think I'll give it a good emptying this weekend for sure.

That being said, Here are 6 tips for how to clean out and organize your refrigerator to avoid it becoming a bottomless pit.


Image via Mary Fischer

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nonmember avatar CrystalMP

I overhaul my fridge every two weeks when I go grocery shopping. I lived with my mother in law for abour two months a couple of years ago and she had a habit of neglecting all 3 (yes *3*) of her fridges, I know what happens if you lose control of those slippery little things lol

Saphr... SaphronScribble

i have a small mini fridge (super tiny, left over from my college dorm days) that is great for just drinks! i keep the main food in the big fridge and sodas, beers, etc. in the small one. works great!

MsRkg MsRkg

I have two fridges in my kitchen as well, one is a super full-sized fridge , and the other is a half-sized (bigger than a mini-fridge), both built in. I keep all of my beverages in the half-sized one and everything else in the other one. I can't tolerate seeing either stocked full of leftovers and half-eaten things, so every sunday I go through it and toss out anything that is in a leftover container and every month I pull everything out for a wipe down. I'm always cleaning those fridges. lol

Jenny... JennyG0929

I remember when my inlaws moved they found they had salad dressing that expired in 1985. YES- NINETEEN-EIGHTY-FIVE. It was 1997. What the holy fuck?? Now I am super-paranoid about using condiments at peoples houses, I always check the expiration dates. LOL

the4m... the4mutts

If you need tips on cleaning out a fridge, you're probably pretty effing disgusting, and need help. And I don't mean people with 1-2 random items forgotten about. But needing tips for entire fridge cleaning?? Wtf?

I clean mine out every week, top to bottom, before I put in the new groceries.

People, don't be disgusting!

Cari Dato

First. World. Problems.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Buy a counter depth fridge. They look better and it just chops off that pesky area at the back wher leftovers hides. I used to hate cleaning the fridge because reaching to the back was a royal pain but now I can easily reach the back. It's still plenty big enough to hold everything I need but it doesn't stick out in to my kitchen and it stays much cleaner.

nonmember avatar Brooke

Cari took the words right out of my mouth!

nonmember avatar ruthless1

I eyeball the fridge every friday and toss anything that needs to be tossed ( mostly empty containers left in there by my kids...cause why would you throw out an empty pickle jar, right?). I wipe down anything that needs to be wiped down and that is all it takes...if you do it weekly it doesnt turn into a big hairy deal. Plus, I do shopping on the weekend, so a friday quick clean up of the fridge tells me what we need or dont need for my saturday shopping trip.

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