6 Easy Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your Messy Fridge (PHOTOS)

woman looking in a fridge

Ok, be honest. Are you a little bit afraid every time you open your refrigerator? I won't lie -- I'm pretty terrified at what's lurking inside mine. I'm way overdue for a good spring cleaning of my fridge -- and I'll honestly be lucky if some of its contents don't get up and walk right out my front door.


Every single time I clean my fridge out from top to bottom and wipe down the shelves and get it all sparkly shiny, I vow to never let it pile up with unused food and containers full of leftovers again. But somewhere in between work, spending time with my family, and running countless errands, it always winds up looking like something out of a horror movie.

Don't believe me? Then take a good look at this photo -- yep, that's my fridge.


And no, you're eyes aren't fooling you. There's a leftover pizza box from last weekend in there & a bottle of wine that seriously needs to be finished. (I'll get right on that later.) But don't ask me what's in the Ziploc bag sticking out of the deli drawer -- because I have no idea what's in there.

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Believe it or not though, when I do clean my fridge, I'm actually pretty good at it. Come to think of it, I think I'll give it a good emptying this weekend for sure.

That being said, Here are 6 tips for how to clean out and organize your refrigerator to avoid it becoming a bottomless pit.


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