Katy Perry Sells Love Nest to Escape Her Memories

katy perryKaty Perry had a pretty swanky penthouse in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, but I guess the memories it held were a bit too much for her to take, especially since it's the first love nest she owned with husband Russell Brand. (Ouch.)

She just sold the pad for $2.75 million, which sounds like a pretty decent price considering its size. The apartment had plenty of space for the newly single star at 1,500 square feet, and also came complete with a limestone kitchen, cherry wood staircase, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. It also had an outdoor terrace with beautiful views, but the sights inside the place probably weren't too appealing to Katy anymore.


Odds are good she'll pack up the contents of its rooms and never look back. The experiences you have within your home are pretty much imprinted into the walls as memories you can't escape as long as you live there. And while some people get pretty attached to their homes and never want to leave for that very reason, others are happy to put those memories behind them once and for all.

Another upside of ditching this place? Now Katy can try out all of the fancy hotels in NYC and spend her time getting the royal treatment in super high-end suites. What girl doesn't love living like a queen?

Have you ever moved out of a home because of bad memories?


Image via Splash

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