Adorably Loyal Dog Guards His Owner’s Bike With His Paws (VIDEO)

bike-guarding dogIf only dogs could talk. Like, really talk -- I mean, I know they communicate with us via thoughtful head-tilts and expressively furrowed non-eyebrows, but I would love to hear what's really going through this dog's head:

This is not your bike. This is not your bike, either. Not your bike or your bike or your bike. This is my owner's bike, and you cannot have it. You cannot have it either. Not you or you or you. I'm holding the bike. I'm holding the bike. I'm holding the bike. Still holding the bike. Holding the bike until my owner ... OH, YIPPY SKIP!! HERE HE COMES NOW!


Apparently this dog's complete and total devotion to his human's set of wheels has made him something of a celebrity where he lives in China, which, well, why not? This pooch should have paparazzi following him around!

I'm sure you'll agree, especially after you see what happens at the end of this clip:

How cute is that? I'm riding the bike. I'm riding the bike. I'm riding the bike.

Do you have a dog? Would he do this for you?


Image via epikviral/YouTube

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