'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Deserves to Get Kicked to the Curb

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood may be looking at more jail time if she doesn't cough up the $673 a judge just ordered her to pay her former rental company. Apparently she was living in government subsidized housing after lying about her income in 2010, which topped out at a whopping $280,000. Not exactly a salary worthy of mooching off the government.

The rental company slapped the eviction law suit on her while she was in jail, and get this one -- she never even responded to it, which is why the judge ruled in favor of the landlords. Geez! You'd think common sense would tell her to at least acknowledge the suit?! And honestly, if she can't even "man up" and pay the $673, then she absolutely deserves to be evicted. Come to think of it, getting kicked out of her home may be exactly what this girl needs to be brought back down to reality.

Her life has veritably fallen apart at the seams, but for some reason, Amber still seems to have this "holier than thou" attitude going on -- like she doesn't have to be a responsible adult since she is such a "super famous" MTV star. 

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But the fact that she's pretty much a household name in the reality TV arena doesn't mean that she's exempt from paying her bills just like the rest of us. Having cameras follow you around and putting your entire life out there for the world to see doesn't give you the right to forget about your financial responsibilities.

And if she thinks her MTV connection is somehow going to magically bail her out of having to pay up, she's got another thing coming. This is her big chance to grow up and put herself on the path to a stable home life. Let's just hope she realizes it before it's too late. Keeping herself out of prison is definitely worth $673.

Do you think Amber will ever get her act together?


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AprilC35 AprilC35

nope. from day one of her being on 16 and pregnant, shes been a total angry trainwreck. she needs to get her sh*t together...if not for herself, for that precious little girl of hers.

Lovedntlivehere Babi


nonmember avatar kaerae

@babi - Are. You. effing. kidding...

NatAndCo NatAndCo

@babi - LOL WUT?!! I don't even know where to begin.

momof... momof3cuties987

How in the heck did she make $280,000???

Sandra Davis

she was  on tv and she made the money,then she didnt want to pay for her WHAT...............man how do they get away with it......... first the chick in detroit now her..........geeeee

Rose Hernandez

@BABI wtf? lol took me a few minutes to "read" and i still dont know what i read lol.... anyways shes a mess... amber needs to grow up,where is that 280,000? i say charge her more money and community service... if she goes to the slammer there goes indianas tax payers paying for her to be in there.

Emily Martinez

she needs to grow up and be a good mom

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