6 Touching Reunions Between Military Men and Their Dogs (VIDEOS)

soldier dogThere's nothing more heartwarming than watching one of our brave military men surprising their loved ones with emotional homecomings -- and the magic moments aren't strictly limited to human beings! Pets miss their owners when they're gone just as much as family members do, and possibly even more.

It must be pretty confusing for dogs to have their beloved owners leave for tours of duty. I wonder how many poor pooches have woken up wondering why the person they love most in the world has suddenly disappeared. And I guess that's why so many pets are unable to hold back their pure joy and emotion upon their owners' return.


Take this sweet German Shepherd for example. He went out to play a game of fetch, and got the shock of his life after retrieving the tennis ball and bringing it back to find his owner waiting for him!

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There are so many other amazing dog/military reunion stories out there too. Remember this Boxer who leaped out of a car upon seeing his "daddy"?

This one really made me tear up. How adorable is this pup who peered out the front door to see her owner in the yard after a year's deployment?!

These two pups couldn't stop crying after their dad came home, and they seemed to be competing for his attention!

And this Siberian Husky about jumped through the door when his owner surprised him in a hotel room.

This little princess couldn't resist covering her brave soldier in kisses, and he didn't seem to mind one bit!

Does your pet get emotional when you've been gone for a long time?


Image via TheBobjohnson1984/YouTube

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