6 Touching Reunions Between Military Men and Their Dogs (VIDEOS)

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soldier dogThere's nothing more heartwarming than watching one of our brave military men surprising their loved ones with emotional homecomings -- and the magic moments aren't strictly limited to human beings! Pets miss their owners when they're gone just as much as family members do, and possibly even more.

It must be pretty confusing for dogs to have their beloved owners leave for tours of duty. I wonder how many poor pooches have woken up wondering why the person they love most in the world has suddenly disappeared. And I guess that's why so many pets are unable to hold back their pure joy and emotion upon their owners' return.

Take this sweet German Shepherd for example. He went out to play a game of fetch, and got the shock of his life after retrieving the tennis ball and bringing it back to find his owner waiting for him!

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There are so many other amazing dog/military reunion stories out there too. Remember this Boxer who leaped out of a car upon seeing his "daddy"?

This one really made me tear up. How adorable is this pup who peered out the front door to see her owner in the yard after a year's deployment?!

These two pups couldn't stop crying after their dad came home, and they seemed to be competing for his attention!

And this Siberian Husky about jumped through the door when his owner surprised him in a hotel room.

This little princess couldn't resist covering her brave soldier in kisses, and he didn't seem to mind one bit!

Does your pet get emotional when you've been gone for a long time?


Image via TheBobjohnson1984/YouTube

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Michelle Spears

My two knocked my husband to his butt when he walked through the door, i wish i would have video tapped it cause it was hilarious!  They would not stop whinning and crying and just freaked out, it was so sweet, our dogs are our children so it was a very sweet homecoming!

sarrah82 sarrah82

Whew... I totally bawled through all of these (especially the first and last one!)

Megan Blum

Proof that animals have feelings!

ArmyW... ArmyWife8297

yea i cried like a baby, there are so sweet 

nonmember avatar Michelle

I was bawling after reading this, and YES, I miss my dog like CRAZY when we leave for vacation every year. She is very much our second child (our first is a 3-year old "human"!) and was a rescue dog, but regardless I am VERY emotionally attached to her, probably as much as my own daughter (you animal lovers out there won't laugh at me for that statement!). She has brought so much love and joy to our home I can't imagine life without her. And a special welcome to all of our servicemen and women!!! Your hard work and sacrifice does NOT go unappreciated :)

nonmember avatar Matt

Wow so sweet! Found this through a random link on the web, its awesome!! Godbless our men in women in uniform =)

mamivon2 mamivon2

OMG yes our JRT is acting crazy..

vicky31 vicky31

My husband has been deploued for a year and our "Baby" Our lab is missing his daddy. He's always laying by the door when I get up, I'm sure my husband when he'll come back he's going to have a welcoming as heart warming as this one. I bawled like a baby through each one of them.

spiri... spiritclua

God Bless the men and women serving our country and their families (pets included) who they have to leave behind.

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