6 Gorgeous, Flowery Window Boxes That Will Light Up Your Home

I'll have to say, living in France has provided an endless source of eye candy in the form of window boxes. In the summertime it seems like there are bountiful blossoms sprouting from almost every window and balcony I see. 

I can't help but love the idea of adding window boxes to any home or apartment and have gathered together a few more fantastic inspirations below:

Though technically not under a window, these pretty planters add such a fun pop of color to the white brick walls. 

I don't know what you have to do to get flowers to grow like this, but I think I'd like to find out! 

Window boxes and wrought iron in Venice. I love the double decker look of here. What a delighful way to accentuate a unique window like this one. 

Windowboxes up the charm factor of this teeny tiny Cape Cod cottage like crazy.

This traditional home could look a bit boxy and boring, but the window boxes add fantastic texture and interest to the architecture.

So how about it, feeling inspired to add a window box to your home?  You can find some ready for planting here, or if you're feeling handy - find instructions to build your own here! Not sure about plants? Click here for some foolproof combinations. 

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*image credits top to bottom 1. WhoPlantsASeed 2. Lucy Williams Interior Design 3. Classy Clutter 4. Romancing The Bee 5. Tinkered Treasures 6. John Peden 


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artis... artisterin

That tiny cap cod cottage is actually the visitors center in Chatham.  Still cute though and I will get to see it in two weeks!

suziejax suziejax

Those r just beautiful

Matthew Love

Window boxes are a great added feature to any home! but have you ever had to get a window replacement because one of them hit it or cracked it? windows arent cheap, especially in washington, dc.

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