Octomom Is Forcing Her 14 Kids to Live in Total Filth (VIDEO)

octomom house

It's not always easy to keep your house clean and clutter free, but most moms do the best they can to at least make sure their home is safe and sanitary for their kids. That is, unless you're Nadya Suleman, more commonly known as "Octomom."

New photos of her home just turned up online -- and it appears that she and her children are living in a total state of disarray. How many mothers do you know allow graffiti to be painted on their walls?!


And the photo above doesn't even capture the worst of their disgusting conditions. TMZ obtained more pictures, one of which shows two of her kids sitting on training potties on the back porch of their house. Supposedly they only have one working toilet in the house, so they've resorted to doing their business outside. I thought that kind of behavior was reserved for dogs?

Some of the other pics also suggest that her children sleep on the floor and that she doesn't even have a proper lock for her front door. She props a chair under the handle instead, you know, because no burglar would ever be able to get to her kids with that barricade.

As a mom, it's really bothersome to think about these poor children living in conditions that are one small step above living in a tent in the backyard. Maybe instead of worrying about frivolous things like getting her hair done, she should focus on providing a safe and clean environment to raise her kids. Is that really too much to ask?

You can hear more about Nadia Suleman's house of squalor in the video clip below.

Do you think Octomom's home poses a danger to her kids?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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