Puppy on the Runway Makes Flight Delay Adorable (VIDEO)

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puppy runwayIf the idea of an airport grinding to a halt for 10 minutes because of a puppy loose on the runway sounds silly, then I'm going to go ahead and make a wild guess:

You've probably never had a puppy.

Up until approximately eight months ago, I never had a puppy either ... but now that I have this adorably impetuous 40-pound (and still growing!) creature capable of dragging me uphill with all the force of a team of oxen, I totally get why departures were delayed at LaGuardia Airport in NYC yesterday.

Because Byrdie, the 30-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy, pulled a Houdini and escaped from her crate while being loaded on a plane to Memphis.

And of course at that point she did what any puppy would do in the same situation ... she ran like the wind! Free at last!

And of course the airport workers who chased after her turned out to be terrible players of Puppy Tag. Byrdie had such an edge over the humans that at one point she just sat down in the middle of the runway.

Here's the best part, though -- and proof that dogs are supremely loyal creatures -- after about 10 minutes of running around like lunatics, the airport guys went and got Byrdie's owner off the plane.

Naturally Byrdie went bounding over to her owner the second she was called.

I'm telling you. Puppies are no joke.

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Do you have a puppy who gets into all kinds of crazy trouble like this one?

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nonmember avatar dcr1

Our puppy rottweiler anestasia, wold greet my boyfriend at he steps of our home everyday at lunch time, and everyday i would have to hear him go on about how i wasn't locking the crate right when i put her up before i left for work, so i said you do it then, because there's only one way to lock the crate and so he did., but when he came home same thing., that saturday, i was vacuming, and my boy friend was sitting on the sofa, anastasia showed us how she did it, she woked the latch from the inside, apparently she learned from watching us, then slammed the gate open and simply walked out pleased as can be, it was a jaw dropping experiance, the cage was dismantled and that was that, we figured it was defeating the purpose.

Todd Vrancic

@dcr1, are you sure she wasn't Houdini reincarnated?

Nickhail Jordan

turtles storming the runway? They were probably trying to get the peanut butter.

pitti... pittiesmom

I always tell people, if you don't chase the puppy then they have no reason to run because there's no fun if the human is just sitting there on the floor.


nonmember avatar .

Run it over. I've got places to be.

nonmember avatar John Laser

I think this is hilarious! I can't say I blame the dog for trying to run after being caged up for a lengthy period of time.

nonmember avatar Rod

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