5 Backyard Tents That Make Shady, Lazy Summer Hideaways

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I don't know about you, but as a kid, I loved any chance I got to "camp out" in the backyard with my siblings and friends. Usually, this meant sleepovers on the trampoline. We had so much fun!

Wouldn't it be awesome to construct a backyard tent setup like the one pictured above? My kids would go crazy for something like that! Truthfully, I think I'd be the one sneaking away to read a good book (or maybe take a nap!) in there as often as I could. 

A backyard tent doesn't have to be elaborate. So in that spirit, I've gathered 4 more fun tent inspirations below.

Love this simple tent spotted here. Doesn't get much easier than an old sheet draped over a line to create the perfect shady hideaway.

How cool would it be to have your very own backyard teepee? Find all the DIY instructions here, looks easy enough! The best part is that you can have your kids paint and decorate the outside of the teepee themselves. What fun!

Another fun DIY tent, with simple assembly instructions found here

If the DIY stuff doesn't interest you, how about this impressive retro-patterned tent from Cath Kidston, one of my favorite textile designers. You can see more pictures and find purchasing information here

Did you have a tent in the yard as a kid? Would you ever make one for your own children?

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Top image via The Lettered Cottage

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Lyanda Haupt

Awesome post. We sleep in our backyard tent every summer from June to October. It's not as "cute" as an old canvas tent or teepee, but modern tents have the luxury of a screened roof for stargazing. http://thetanglednest.com/2009/09/backyard-camping-sleeping-out-in-the-urban-wilderness/

nonmember avatar John Laser

What an interesting post! I used to love camping out in the back yard too - so many great memories! The Cath Kidson tent is great! Very oriental look to it!

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