Dreaming Puppy Will Make You Giggle With Delight (VIDEO)

puppy     There are really cute animal videos -- and then there are really cute animal videos. And when I saw one this morning of a tiny puppy all snug and sound asleep in his owner's lap, I just had to open it up and take a look. Who can resist a fluff ball of fur enjoying a cozy nap?

Sleeping puppies are adorable enough by themselves -- but when they are caught on film having a dream and "talking" in their sleep? Well, that's a whole new level of cuteness.


Take a look at the video of this little guy and his restless snooze -- he's definitely on a mission of some sort!

OMG. How badly do you want to reach through the screen and pick up that puppy and cuddle him? He's beyond adorable -- and I can't help but wonder what kind of dream he was having that day. Was he chasing a kitten? Or trying to get his owner's attention? Or maybe it had something to do with the little doll chew toy that was laying beside him. Whatever it was -- the cute factor is worth playing this video over again and again.

Oh no. Now I think I might want a dog. Ok -- scratch that. Maybe I'll just settle for a really snuggly stuffed animal.

Do you ever catch your pets dreaming?


Image via TheMoses8870/YouTube

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