Lovable Pug That Adopted Orphan Pig Will Give You the 'Awwws' (VIDEO)

piggy puggyRemember the dog and elephant who were lifetime BFFs? Bella the dog passed away last fall, and Tarra the elephant mourned her buddy at their Tennessee sanctuary. So sad. They were totally my favorite famous bizarre animal duo. But now, word comes out of the U.K. that there is another adorable "odd couple": Susie, a pug, and Tabitha, a pig, aka Piggy and Puggy. Awww!

Poor little Tabitha ended up with Susie's owner, Wendy Valentine (who runs the Hillside Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk), just days before Christmas. The piglet had been abandoned and found on the side of the road and was "so small that her umbilical cord was still attached," says Valentine. The only thing Valentine could think of is that she must have fallen off the back of a truck -- "possibly on her way to slaughter." Ugh, poor baby!


Valentine explained how her pug proceeded to "adopt" the orphaned piglet:

Susie immediately took an interest in her, and wouldn't stay away from the basket she was in. I let them play together and it was obvious Tabitha saw Susie as a mother figure. They would nuzzle up together -- they didn’t leave each other's side.

Oh, oh! So cute. How utterly adorable. They don't care that they're not both dogs or both piggies. They just innately feel as though they're family

And although a few months have passed, and Tabitha is noticeably bigger -- and one day, she might be "much bigger" than Susie! -- "nothing has changed since then," Valentine says. They still love one another unconditionally. Ahh -- love it!

Here's a hilarious video of the two playing together ...



How sweet is this?

Image via The Sun

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