Itty-Bitty Kitty Scares the Bejeezus Out of Big Black Bear (VIDEO)

cat scares bearIt's crappy out in New York today. Really crappy. And it's been crappy. Majorly depressing. Seriously, worst ever. You know what made me smile, though? What got me out of this vitamin D-deficient funk? A video of an itty-bitty kitty cat scaring a giant black bear away. I mean, obviously, right.

Even if you're somewhere warm and sunny, you won't want to miss this unbelievably cute, flat out unbelievable clip of a bear trying to creep up on a cat to do god knows what to it, and the cat turning around and scaring the hell out of the bear. It's awesome.


Crazy, right? I think the thing I love most about this video, though, is the fact that it exists! WTF was the camera person thinking filming this stuff so up close and personal?! And what if the ending was different, if you know what I'm saying? This is madness, I say! Crazy cute, badass madness. You go, little kitty!

Can you believe this? Would your cat be this brave?

Image via PETSAMI/YouTube

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