Here's How to Make a Living Wall Right in Your Own Garden! (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen a living wall? Sounds like something out of a horror movie ("the walls...are alive!") but it's actually the exact opposite of horrible. Living walls (also known as green walls, garden walls, or vertical gardens) are the hottest thing in garden design these days.

They evoke a feeling of being in a jungle, almost, with lush green plants growing thickly right out of a wall so that you don't even see the structure, just the plants.

And not only are they really cool looking. they serve an Earth-friendly purpose. All those plants purify and freshen the air.

The downside? Plant walls can be pricey...some systems cost thousands of dollars. But in the latest episode of Mom-Ed: Green Living on CafeMom Studios, you'll learn how to do it yourself for a fraction of the cost of premade planters...and it's greener, too!

Here's what you need:


Coco matting -- also known as coco fiber or coir fiber and available at most big garden centers

Plants -- use a mix of trailing plants and colorful ones for best results


And that's it! You just make a pocket out of the matting, cut some slits in the front to allow some plants to grow straight out, fill it with plants and soil, and hang it up. Water it , make sure it gets sunlight, and before too long you'll have a fancy garden wall for very little money. You can plant several in a row, as well, so you get the lush, green look of a mature wall faster.

If you want to go more refined, you can buy metal or wicker window boxes already lined with the matting and mount those high on a fence to get a similar effect. You could probably even do this with things like lettuce and spinach and make an edible wall!

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What do you think of living walls? Would you try one yourself?

Image via Ruth Temple (RuTemple)/Flickr

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