Ridiculously Cute Lion Cubs Hug Man and Melt Our Hearts (VIDEO)

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doug hamiltonThere's nothing more adorable than baby animals -- especially wild ones who are domesticated and love & trust human beings. What's cuter than seeing a baby from a typically ferocious breed cuddle up to a human like a parent?

I've never been able to resist wild animal babies who don't exactly know just how powerful they will grow up to be. (If only they could stay that loving and sweet forever!)

A man named Doug Hamilton has gotten plenty of extra hugs and kisses -- from a group of lion cubs who just can't resist showing how much they adore him.

Take a look at this video clip below of Doug getting more than a few lion hugs -- and see if you can resist cracking a smile.

Do you believe how special those little lions are? I have to admit -- watching this video kind of makes me want one. Or at least I'd like to visit these particular lions and let them snuggle up to me for a while. (Something tells me my neighbors wouldn't appreciate me having a jungle cat in the backyard.)

This video just goes to show that all creatures are capable of love, and respond to people showing them compassion and kindness. If only we could all warm up to each other like these precious lions, the world would be a much nicer place!

Would you ever want an exotic animal as a pet?

Image via MrDhamilton84/YouTube

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nonmember avatar kaerae

Ok, yes this is cute and cuddly but, in general, wild animals as pets benefits no one except the owner's ego. It almost always ends nadly for the animal, who will often become too big to handle and too expensive to feed, all so some insecure person can believe they are the _______ (animal) "whisperer" It is completely an ego isuue and really sad that these animals will spend their lives in cages and small enclosures instead on in the wild or on a supervised preserve. This is really selfish. This man doesn't love these animals as much as he loves himself.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I agree with the above.

Although I do love it when my kitty here give me hugs. He is such a lover.

jessi... jessicasmom1

animals have a distinct ego to search out ... to believe in their owners .. to show love ! 

Heidi Posten

I think this is a big cat rescue facility. The guy was volunteering there. They are not anyone's pets.

nonmember avatar lilias

Good facilities prepare healthy cubs to return to the wild or at least to survive on a preserve. There is little human interaction in this process. They do not have volunteers to bond with the cubs!!

Just Fp

Dougie was actually a volunteer at SeaView Lion Park in South Africa. SeaView has a successful program breeding white lions. There are currently only about 300 white lions alive in the world at the moment. So these weren't pets :)

Dougie's a great guy!

thatg... thatgirl70

Don't forget, these "cute little animals" grow up to be huge, territorial and downright vicious at times. Not saying they aren't capable of love, but seriously, don't encourage the idiots out there. These do not make good pets. Don't forget the chimpanzee who mauled the woman's face, or the grizzly bears that ate that one guy and his girlfriend, or even the cats that attacked Las Vegas entertainer Roy Horn. Exotic pet ownership should be banned from private citizens, period.

Chari... Charizma77

No way! My dh would love it but there is no way thats happening while I'm still alive ;)

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