Soldier Who Became Quadruple Amputee Gets New Home -- and New Lease on Life (VIDEO)

Travis MillsWhile fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan last week, Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills stepped on an IED and lost all four of his limbs as a result. Just think about that for a second. He lost both of his arms and both of his legs. Can you even imagine?

And while he's no doubt happy to be alive and see his wife and 4-month-old daughter again, the injuries he suffered are incredibly devastating -- not to mention life changing. He'll be recovering at a hospital in Washington, D.C. for at least one year, but new struggles will arise when it's time for him to go home and try to get back to some sort of a normal life.

Incredibly, he may get a second chance at leading a happy home life thanks to the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Towers Foundation and another similar foundation headed by actor Gary Sinise. They've offered to build Mills and his family a "Smart Home," to help make his life as easy as possible.


The "Smart Homes" built by these organizations offer features like oversized bathrooms & kitchens, heated floors (which improve blood circulation in amputees), and iPad-controlled countertops (how cool is that?). And the best part is that they've agreed to build the home for the Mills family anywhere in the country they want to live. 

There are so many things that we take for granted in our homes on a daily basis, such as getting a drink out of the fridge anytime we want or simply getting out of bed and taking a shower. Just thinking about how much harder (or even impossible) these things are for veterans who have lost multiple limbs makes me feel so guilty over the meaningless things I complain about. How many times have I huffed and sighed because I had to walk back upstairs to get something I forgot? Hearing the struggle that Travis Mills is facing really puts things into perspective -- and it makes me even more appreciative and grateful for everything the brave men and women in the military do so that we can be safe, happy, and secure.

You can hear more about what happened to Sgt. Mills in the video clip below.


What is something you take for granted in your home that you will appreciate more after hearing this story?

Image via Fox News

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