Here's What Moms DON'T Want for Mother's Day (INFOGRAPH)

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mother's dayHeads up guys! Mother's Day is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to get the favorite moms in your life to show them just how much they are appreciated.

Picking out the perfect gift isn't always easy -- and that's why CafeMom surveyed a bunch of real moms to see what they would love to receive for Mother's Day, and also find out what they really DON'T want.

And instead of just listing a bunch of random gift ideas, CafeMom came up with a handy-dandy infographic to give you a good visual picture of what moms are eager to receive on May 13.

CafeMom infographic 

Let's start with gift ideas pictured that definitely won't earn you any bonus points -- like a toilet. Can you believe some poor woman actually received a potty as a gift and listed it as the worst Mother's Day present she ever received?! Not that anyone can blame her. I guess nothing says love like a good flush, right? Not surprisingly, lingerie also made the cut. Save the sexy stuff for Valentine's Day, boys. Mother's Day is about us -- not you.

And other stuff among the list of gifts that are better left unwrapped? Cigars, socks, anti-wrinkle cream, leftover Easter candy (nice), and vacuums. Those things really need no further explanation.

Ok, now that you know a few things moms definitely don't want, let's talk about a few things they really do get excited about. Like a trip to the spa. It's the universal gift that you really can't go wrong with (letting us sleep in as late as we want for an entire weekend is pretty good too). Moms also love anything our kiddos make for us, and oh yeah -- having someone come in and clean the house isn't too shabby either.

And while 75 percent of moms said that they prefer to spend Mother's Day with their kids instead of anyone else, they probably would hang out with a few select celeb mamas that day if given the chance. Sandra Bullock was the gal most moms would love to pal around with, followed by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner. Of course, considering Reese is pregnant and Jen has a new baby at home, I'd say Sandra's lifestyle is probably more conducive to enjoying a little girl time.

But all gifts and grand gestures aside, all we really want is for our husbands to acknowledge us on Mother's Day and realize just how much we do for our families. Sadly, 28 percent of moms admit that their spouse and/or kids have forgotten about them completely. Talk about a slap in the face! And aside from the initial disappointment and humiliation, moms aren't likely to let something as big as forgetting Mother's Day be forgotten down the road. Better mark your calendars now, guys.

What would be your ideal Mother's Day gift?

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Melis... Melissa042807

My ideal Mother's Day gift is not a physical gift - I just would love to have a chill, relaxing day with my hubby and kids. That doesn't happen often, because both our moms live in town and we typically spend Mother's Day running back and forth between them, "celebrating" them, but then...I'm worn out by the whole process. Don't get me wrong, I love our moms to pieces, it's just hard when it feels like there's no time for me. 

This year, however, I'm pregnant with baby #2 and due just days before Mother's Day, so I will be holed up either at home or in a hospital room with a newborn who will probably be nursing nonstop. :-) 

Snark... Snarkymom

I prefer spa services and a day spent alone!

Aeris... AerisKate

Hahaha - I must be an exception.  I wouldn't mind a vacuum at all for a Mother's Day gift.   I got one for Christmas this year and I LOVE it.  One of the best gifts ever.

niami... niamibunni

I'm getting an elliptical and am very happy about it! Of course I won't be getting anything else for a while. If I do it's going to hopefully be smaller clothing ;)

Laura Bona Ryals

i just want a professional picture of my whole family together with the grown kids and all the grands........we all live in the same area but so hard to get them to pose for a picture and schedule time to get one made,........but we are doing it this year for my moms day gift, and i am even paying the fees!


Cowbo... CowboysAngel02

I am one of the weird moms. I am happy with whatever I get. Got a new vacuum for my birthday and I LOVE IT!! I like to receive things that are useful and well meaning. I have never been to a spa. Would love to but its not a huge deal if I dont get to. I am just as happy having my family.

littl... littlebeanmom

@Aeris I agree!  I was so excited when my husband got me the wet vac I've been asking for!  Even better when they use it themselves LOL.


Christine Ballard

I begged for and got a new vacuum for my bday, last mothers day I got exactly what I wanted.  A new(used)  treadmill.  =)  I don't care if I don't get gifts, I say be thankful that you were remembered.  Who cares what it is, why are women so ungrateful?

Teri Johnston

@Aeris... I also agree.... I need a new vacuum.... I wouldn't mind getting one for Mother's Day.  I got a Dishwasher for my birthday last year and love it.  I prefer practial gifts, because I know I will use them... I got a Spa Gift Card about 9 yrs and it is still in my purse unused.

Missy... MissyKP610

A morning spent with my kids and hubby, maybe out to brunch than the rest of the day to myself so I could read and watch a movie or whatever. Then cuddle/movie night with the kiddos and hubby

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