Ann Romney Thinks Her Dog 'Loved' Being Strapped to the Car Roof

shih tzu
Not how Seamus Romney was transported.
Ann Romney may be winning the hearts of moms all over the country (stay-at-home and otherwise), but she's got a long way to go as far as pet owners are concerned. Including this one right here.

As you've most likely heard, in 1983, during a road trip, the Romneys left their dog, Seamus, strapped to the roof of their car (in his crate) -- for 12 hours. Terrible. Awful. Inexcusable, if you ask me. And, obviously, I'm not alone. The Romenys have received plenty of slack during this campaign about the fact that they did this (as they should) -- and the issue just won't go away. Recently, during an interview with Diane Sawyer, the Romneys were questioned about the Seamus and the infamous road trip -- to which Ann replied, "[He] loved it."

Say what now?


Ann explained to Sawyer: "He would see that crate and, you know, he would, like, go crazy because he was going with us on vacation. It was to me a kinder thing to bring him along than to leave him in the kennel for two weeks." Yeeeeahhhh ... buuuutttt the dog was still strapped to the roof. There's a big difference between "loving" your carrier and being in it while it's strapped to the roof of a speeding car -- for 12 hours. And even if he did love it -- dude, it's not safe.

As a dog owner, and normal human being, I really won't ever see the rationale behind this act -- and to be honest, trying to justify it only makes it worse. It was a mean and horrible thing to do, and no, it's not kinder than leaving him in a kennel.

Do you travel with your pet? Would you ever strap your dog/cat to the roof of your car -- for 12 hours?

Image via -ggvic-/Flickr

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