Justin Timberlake Is Bringing Sexy Back to Your Home

justin timberlakeAww! Justin Timberlake must really be taking his recent engagement to Jessica Biel very seriously, because he's suddenly turned over a new domestic leaf. And instead of merely helping Jessica create a wedding registry full of must-have items for the pad they'll share, he's going a step further and creating his own home decor line.

Justin is in the process of launching HomeMint, which will be BeachMint's latest line of celebrity designed products. HomeMint will be a website that people can subscribe to for $10 a month to get their share of Timberlake-approved decor for their digs.


And believe it or not, Justin seems pretty interested in helping people spiff up their interiors. He said:

If we wouldn't put it in our homes, we're not going to ask people to put it in theirs. You don't have to spend your whole bank account to make your home look amazing but also be comfortable and reliable.

Huh. I can't decide if I find Justin's new venture over-the-top adorable, or kind of humorous, considering I screamed my head off like a lovesick teenager at more than one N'Sync concert. If you would've told me 15 years ago that a boy band heartthrob would be the inspiration behind my couch throw pillows, I would've laughed out loud for sure. But now? Yeah, I'd probably buy them.

But considering that he's brought sexy back to every other project he's taken on over the years, I'd say odds are good that Justin will fare pretty well in the home decorating arena as well. And be honest -- aren't you just a little bit jealous that Jessica Biel snapped up this gem of a groom? He dances, he sings, he can act, and oh yeah -- he really knows how to throw a room together. (She hit the jackpot for sure.)

Will you subscribe to HomeMint when it launches in May?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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