Loyal Dog Refuses to Leave Dead Friend’s Side Along Busy Highway (VIDEO)

black labThere is nothing more gut-wrenching than seeing a dog who has been hit by a car lying on the side of the road -- and seeing one lying in the middle of the road after just being struck is even more heartbreaking.

And that's exactly what some motorists near Los Angeles were subjected to last week after one poor pup was hit and killed after wandering into traffic. Of course, they also probably had to do a double take to realize they were also seeing a second dog in the street -- and she was refusing to leave her dead companion's side. The loyal black lab remained in the road with cars zipping by and risked her own life so that her friend wouldn't have to die alone. (The poor thing!)


Animal Control officers wound up picking her up, and they named her Grace. She's now waiting to be adopted and already has quite a few families who want to give her the same level of love and devotion that she showed her poor, helpless doggie friend.

You can watch Grace stand guard by the deceased pup in the video clip below. Just to warn you -- it's a little tough to witness.

After watching this video, I'm not only struck by Grace's devotion to the other dog, but I'm also kind of surprised that no one pulled over to stop and help these animals. Car after car drove right past them like they didn't exist! And it turns out that the driver who hit and killed the one dog didn't stop either. What is wrong with people?!

Granted, someone had placed orange cones around them until help arrived. But don't you think that someone could've stopped and waited near them until Animal Control showed up? (Weren't there any police officers around?) It's so tragic that this poor dog had to die, but Grace's loyalty to her friend is certainly a great reminder to all of us that a little bit of love and kindness go a long way.

Be honest -- would you have stopped to help Grace and her friend?


Image via justinbaeder/Flickr

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