10 Reasons to Compost at Home -- It's Easier Than You Think! (VIDEO)

It's gardening season! That means it's time to think about how to make your garden grow. Most people are throwing out the best stuff money can't buy ... kitchen scraps. Those banana peels magically transform into rich, vital compost that will have your plants thriving -- with the help of time and a little worm poop, of course.

Think it's not for you? Hold on there, sister. In this episode of Mom-Ed: Green Living on CafeMom Studios YouTube Channel, you'll get the 411 on how to make composting work.


1) It cuts down on waste. We throw out 33 million tons of food scraps every year, much of which could be converted into compost that would then grow more food.

2) It's not so stinky as you might think. If you keep a covered bin (with air holes drilled) in your garage and layer in your food waste, you'll never know it's there.

3) You can do it in a small space. Learn how to compost with a milk carton in this episode!

4) It's good for all plants, not just the food ones. Lawns, flowers, even houseplants love a nice top-dress of compost giving them nutrients.

5) No bugs, no rats ... if you do it right. Keep your bin covered (see a pattern here?) and only compost the right things and you'll be critter-free.

6) It's frugal. Instead of spending tons of money on fertilizers to make your plants grow, you're getting compost for free. And you can roll your grocery cart right past the pricey organic veggies and pick them in your backyard instead.

7) It can be faster than you think. Garden centers sell compost starters that speed up the breakdown of food into compost, and you can also just stop by your local bait shop (you do have one, right?) and buy a container of worms. They eat the food, they poop the food, and voila ... compost.

8) You can compost almost anything ... even some "green" cleaning wipes and corn-based party cups can go right in the compost bin!

9) It can make a cool science project for your kids.

10) Compost is called "gardener's gold" for a reason ... your food plants will produce like crazy. And if you don't garden, you probably have a green-thumbed friend who will happily trade veggies and flowers for your compost.

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Are you a composter? What other green gardening tricks do you use?

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