Cute Kitten Gets Mad When His Favorite Movie Ends (VIDEO)

cute kitten
Little guy's bummed it's over
Do you find people watching television cute? Not really, right? So, why the heck are animals watching TV so damn adorable? I guess for the same reason their sneezes, yawns, and napping positions are. They just are!

So, because of this, I'm gifting this video unto you this Friday. It's of a ridiculously cute cat really getting into Pixar's short movie, For the Birds. And I mean really getting into it. This is exactly what you need to foray into the weekend, folks. He's so cute!

Check it out.


Meep! Adorable! I can't tell you how many times I've filmed my dog watching television with my iPhone (and how many times I've watched the videos), but this could be cuter. Dude's mesmerized. The way he cocks his head from side to side; how he paws at the screen! This is ridiculous, people! I think my favorite part is when the film is over and he just lays down on the keyboard. It's like he's bummed out that the movie's over. 

Alright, so, that's all. Nothing life-changing here. Just a super cute video to put a smile on your face. Now go give your pet a hug. And put on For the Birds for them and watch the magic unfold.

Does your pet watch TV?


Image via lol54video/YouTube

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