Adorable Pup LOVES Getting Vacuumed & So Will Your Dusty Dog (VIDEO)

vacuum corgiAre you tired? Overwhelmed? Having a tough time keeping on top of work, family, taking care of your pet AND all the household chores? Welcome to the era of multi-tasking, my friends! Yes, once upon a time an activity such as vacuuming one's Corgi might have been frowned upon, or at least met with some skepticism -- but not anymore!

No, these days we can watch this video of a lady vacuuming her Corgi and say with admiration, "Now THERE'S a gal who knows how to kill two birds with one stone."


All the better that said Corgi seems to quite enjoy being vacuumed. (How bad can it be?) Because in general, if dogs don't like what you're doing, they DON'T express their displeasure by rolling over onto their backs and allowing their tongues to dangle blissfully from their open mouths.

Who's a clean doggie? That's a clean doggie! Yes, that's a clean doggie!!!

Watch this clip and tell me a tiny little part of you doesn't want to see what it would be like to have some anonymous person in flip-flops vacuum the heck out of you:

See what I'm talkin' about? That Corgi knows something we don't, people.

Would you vacuum your dog?


Image via Corbincorgi/YouTube

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