Precious Kitten Eating Ice Cream Cone Is a Delightful Treat (VIDEO)

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kitten eating ice creamThere's nothing better than a delicious ice cream cone on a hot day, and we'll certainly be enjoying more of them once summer hits. (Mmm!) We have this great little family owned ice cream stand in our town, and every time we pass it, my son begs for me to stop the car so we can grab a cone. But obviously kids aren't the only ones who get excited about ice cream -- just ask this adorable kitten!

This precious little kitty is still just a baby, but he's probably going to have a sweet tooth for the rest of his life after getting his first taste of a sugary frozen treat.

You will laugh after watching a video clip of this tiny guy as he licks, chews, and meows his way through an ice cream cone. And it's definitely worth watching until the end -- because that's where a fresh milk mustache makes its debut.

How hard did you giggle over that kitty?! He was really going to town on that cone -- and I loved how he'd let out a cute little meow every time they took the cone away from him. And it was so funny how he perked up and got even more aggressive with the cone once he got down to the ice cream part. I guess even felines need a sugar fix every now and then!

After watching this video, I can't decide which I'd rather have -- a brand new kitten, or a luscious vanilla soft serve cone. It's a toss-up, for sure.

Do you let your pet eat ice cream or other human treats?


Image via aprilanne05/YouTube



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linzemae linzemae

I feel like I'm the only person that doesn't feed my dogs people food. They were expensive to buy and I want my dogs to be around for a long time! That being said, that cat was cute but I just don't think animals should get people food

nonmember avatar Emme

I agree with linzemae. There's a lot of stuff that pets shouldn't be eating at all because it's bad for them and, what's more, there's people food that even people shouldn't be eating! I used to always share what I was eating with my cats - whatever I knew they could have - but after I realized it's not the best thing for them, I stopped. They'll still beg me for food or try to steal it from me though, lol. My oldest knows that if she touches it, it's hers (or at least that used to be the rule, so I have to dodge flying paws).

forev... foreverabuff

SO CUTE. But I'm pretty surprised. I'm pretty sure cats can't taste sugar, so I wonder why it loved the cone so much. But no matter! I lol'ed

jessi... jessicasmom1

cute I always gave my dogs some ice cream when we went out

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