Golden Retriever Turns Mama Bear and Saves Her Puppy From Drowning (VIDEO)

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dog saves her puppyEver since my son was born six years ago, I've had the "mama bear" instinct kick in more times than I can count. I'd do anything in order to protect him, and anyone who gets in my way or messes with my kid better watch out! (I'm not kidding.)

Moms are truly a force to be reckoned with -- even those who aren't human, as one golden retriever proved when she saved her puppy from drowning after he fell into a swimming pool. When she saw him go in, she immediately leaped into the water and pulled him to the edge of the pool so she could get him out safely.

Take a look at the video clip below to watch this mama hero in action.

Didn't you love how she not only pulled him out of the pool, but she also dragged the little guy way over into the grass to make sure he was as far away from the water as possible? She was so determined and stayed focused to make sure that her baby was safe -- and it was pretty impressive to watch.

Of course, I can't help but wonder why the person shooting the video didn't rush over to help her get the pup out of the water. Whoever captured this rescue on film must have had complete confidence that the mother dog would get the little guy out in time.

Family pets can also be protective of humans as well. Has your dog taken on a mama bear role with your children?


Image via PETSAMI/YouTube



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Kritika Kritika

I'm unable to watch the video but why would someone be recording this instead of going to help?

MomoJL MomoJL

It was super cute and the puppy wasn't in totally serious danger (which is why I imagine the filming continued), as it head was only under for a few seconds and then it was trying to scramble up the side.  Momma dog moved FAST!!

calim... calimom73

I was thinking the same thing about the person taking the video.  Help out man!

Kathryn Marie Precious

ok at first I thought it was home surveillance that picked up something that happened when the owner was away, but I am disgusted that someone was home watching this take place and was taping.

Albond86 Albond86

Seriously people! The momma dog had it under control and did great for her baby, the pup did good getting to the side quickly. It's heart warming to see the mother dog's love and quick action! I have a dog who is very rote give of my ds, but not in an aggressive way and feel if my son were in troube he'd try and come to the rescue!

Coast... Coastiesgirl

It doesn't look like the puppy "fell" in. The splash was in the middle of the pool and if you listen close you can hear people giggling. They threw that puppy in so they could film mama getting it out.

Danielle Kitchen

I agree with Coastiesgirl. DISGUSTING. the puppy was clearly thrown in. I'd suggesting watching these videos a little more closely before you falsely glorify them.

Ari. Ari.

The fact that someone filmed this and didn't help is disgusting. The fact that this website put it on here which will help it gain popularity is just as disgusting. Imagine how many fucking morons will try this at home.

And for the people saying relax... feel like giving me your address so I can stop over and harmlessly throw your child in a pool and see what happens while I record it and giggle? That dog is a living creature!

nonmember avatar katy

To those saying the puppy was thrown in, if you pay closer attention, you'll realize that the video starts AFTER the puppy had been in the water. Chances are the person filming turned on the camera after the puppy had made it to the middle of the pool. And maybe the person didn't help because it might not have been the first time the puppy had done it.
My dog had puppies a few years back, and the little dummies liked to climb into my boots where they nearly suffocated, MULTIPLE times. The puppy might have LIKED jumping into the pool. Mama dog might have pulled puppy so far away from the water to emphasize NOT wanting to have to "play" lifeguard again.

Anne Piles

To giggle while that poor puppy was drowning, how sick is that, and that first splash came from the middle of the pool. Do not glorify sadistic behavior.

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