Create a Beautifully Simple Spring Garden With Wooden Wine Boxes

If you want to test out your green thumb but don't have a lot of ground space, check out this inventive container garden Linsey and her family made out of wooden wine boxes for their patio in downtown Houston. I love their creativity in crafting a working garden for their urban lifestyle by re-purposing a common item and making it function inside their space. 

See a few more images of this clever little garden project below:


Linsey and her husband drilled holes in the bottoms of the crates and on the platform they salvaged from her husband's office to allow for drainage. They then filled the crates with soil and plants.

Lettuce and salad greens are super easy to grow. Don't these look positively edible?

In a follow-up post, Linsey details how she and her sister went back and lined the raised platform with aluminum flashing to protect it from water damage.

She didn't like how the edges looked and simply trimmed away the excess for a cleaner feel. Perfect!

What a smart way to put wine boxes to good use. I imagine a quick trip to the local liquor store would be quite fruitful (wink) to procure the necessary containers, and that platform looks simple enough for those of us with even the most basic construction skills.

Find Linsey's full tutorial here with an informative follow-up post here.

Have you seen any other fabulous container garden ideas I should know about?

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