Justin Bieber Finally Gets His Own House to Settle Down In

justin bieber houseHe's got a booming career, worldwide fame, he's in a loving and committed relationship, and now Justin Bieber is officially a home owner. Granted, most 18-year-olds leave the nest around that age, but they typically wind up living in a dorm room with cinder block walls or a cramped apartment with a bunch of their friends that may or may not have a working dishwasher.

But with a purchase price of $6 million, the Biebs' first house is definitely nothing to shake a stick at. It's pretty darn luxurious to say the very least.


Justin's new pad is in Calabasas, which is about 20 miles from the booming metropolis of L.A. It's not quite as hip as the location of the home in the Hollywood Hills that he initially thought about purchasing, but after Ashton Kutcher stole that property right out from under his feet, Calabasas should still be a nice place to call home.

The 9,000-square-foot mansion is in a gated community, so the Biebs won't have to worry about having any unexpected screaming teenage girls showing up on his doorstep. And he'll have plenty of room to spread out on his 1.28 acres. The property has two garages for his toys, a guest house for when mom sleeps over, a pool and spa (duh), plus six bedrooms & seven bathrooms in the main home. Sounds pretty nice, huh?

Oh yeah, and there's also an elevator in the house -- you know, just in case Justin is too tired to climb the stairs after playing in the backyard. Being 18 can be pretty tiring sometimes, right?

What was your first home like? Did it remotely resemble Justin Bieber's?


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