10 Easy Steps to a Greener Lifestyle (VIDEO)

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Ok, I have kind of an embarrassing (and somewhat shameful) confession to make. Even though I know it's a huge faux pas, I'm really behind the times when it comes to the whole going green thing. I run the air conditioning six months out of the year even though I live in the Northeast. I use plastic bags and containers and anything else that makes life a bit more convenient. And as far as recycling goes? Yeah, I try to do it. (Sometimes.)

But thanks to CafeMom's new YouTube show, Mom-Ed: Green Living, there may be hope for people like me who are kinda clueless in the green department. The new show is hosted by Kristen Eykel, and it aims to teach moms the ropes of adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle. For the first episode, Kristen was joined by eco-consultant Alexandra Zissu, and she gave 10 easy tips on how moms can make their daily lives a little bit greener.

Watch the first episode in the video clip below -- you will be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to make some small eco-friendly changes to your daily routine.

After watching this video, I was shocked and pleased to learn that I'm actually doing a couple things that qualify as being green -- and I didn't even know it.

Having a "no shoes" policy in the house? Yeah, I've been doing that for years. Wearing shoes in the house is actually one of my biggest pet peeves because of the germ factor, but I had no idea that I was doing something green by making everyone take them off at the door. And turning off the faucets when I'm brushing my teeth or doing the dishes? I've been doing that for quite some time too.

Now that I know I have more of a head start than I thought on being green, I can't wait to incorporate some more of the great tips from CafeMom's new show. It's never too late to make a change for the better, right?

If you enjoyed learning about these eco-friendly tips, be sure to subscribe to CafeMom Studios -- there will be a new episode airing every week!

What other easy tips can you offer on adopting a greener lifestyle?


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daerc... daerca574

I never even thought of having a no shoes in the house rule.  That will be one of the first rules I implement in order to go greener!  We also compost and fertilize our plants and grass with leftover coffee grounds, talk about a lush lawn!.  Great tips!

dusky... dusky_rose

These are some great ideas! Good to know that I am already doing some of these. I don't have any tips to add though.

nonmember avatar Jane

Baby steps really work when it comes to going green or living healthier. I stopped eating MSG one day, now I'm mostly organic. It snowballs in a lovely way. Btw, the video auto loads on my phone and that's annoying. If it happens again the stir loses my eyeballs.

LOswa... LOswald0314

Cloth diaper!!! The more I get into it the more I can't believe disposables are even legal...

MamaM... MamaMandee

Good Tips! We don't wear shoes in our house but I don't make company take theirs off but often they do when they see us do it.

Chari... Charizma77

I think those are some great tips!

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