Sweet Little Puppy Found in Tornado Rubble Is Reunited With Owner (VIDEO)

puppy in tornado

Did you watch any of the footage from the crazy tornadoes that hit Dallas-Fort Worth area on Tuesday? Because the storms were pretty terrifying, to say the least. Homes were leveled, tractor trailers were tossed into the air like baseballs, and yet, there were no deaths reported, which is nothing short of amazing.

One local news reporter went out to a neighborhood in Lancaster, Texas to document the devastation there, and she found an unexpected surprise roaming around the rubble. She discovered an adorable little lost puppy -- and miraculously, she was able to find the owner and reunite the two of them.


Take a look at the video clip below to watch the heartwarming reunion between 10-month-old "Brownie" and his mama.

How sweet was it when this little pooch saw his owner and started wagging his tail? What a special moment to capture on film!

It's a miracle that Brownie managed to survive the storm at all considering just how much damage there was to the neighborhood where he lived. But the odds of him surviving and being successfully reunited with his owner are even more slim. I can't imagine how worried Brownie's mom must have been about him, and it's just so wonderful that they are back together again.

Have you heard any other amazing pet reunion stories?


Image via NBC

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