Want to Live in Your Own ‘Hunger Games’ World? Now You Can (VIDEO)

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Many people are obsessed with The Hunger Games these days, but could you ever imagine living in the same post-apocalyptic world depicted in the film and books? Let me guess -- no way, right?

The concept of living in a Hunger Games style "district" might not appeal to everyone, but it is a possibility for someone who can't resist the idea of owning a piece of movie history.

For $1.4 million, you can purchase the Hildebran, North Carolina property that was used as District 12 in the movie and feel like the film is actually reality.


The abandoned property is the old Henry River Mill Village, and it comes complete with 20 buildings and even a general store, which was used as the Mellark family bakery in District 12 in the movie. And just as the film depicted a planned community, the village was actually built in 1905 for that very same purpose. It centered around a mill and came complete with walkways, green spaces, and even company stores. It had been sitting vacant since the mill closed in the 1960s. Kinda creepy, huh?

Not surprisingly, fans of The Hunger Games are pretty interested in seeing District 12 up close. In fact, security guards have even been hired to keep people away for liability reasons. The man who owns the property now is 83 years old and doesn't think it would make much cash as a tourist attraction. But with all of the buzz surrounding the flick, I'm not convinced that he isn't sitting on a gold mine.

To see another shot of the property used in The Hunger Games, pay close attention to the first few seconds of this video clip.


Would you have any interest in touring the village while visiting North Carolina?

Image via StevensTop50/YouTube

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