Dog Takes a Bullet to Save His Owner's Life During Robbery

pit bullMost family pets are extremely loyal, but one dog took his extreme love for his owner to a whole new level by taking a bullet to the head in order to save him from an intruder who was trying to rob the home. Isn't that incredible?

The brave pit bull named Kilo leaped into action when a robber disguised as a FedEx deliveryman showed up at the door and pushed his way into the home. Kilo's owner jumped on top of the man and had him jammed between the door, and he likely would have been shot himself if Kilo hadn't stepped in and taken the bullet for him. After poor Kilo was shot, the robber got scared and took off. And all his devastated owner could do was rush him to the vet and pray that he would survive. Can you imagine how gut-wrenching that car ride must have been?


In a weird twist of fate, it turns out the bullet didn't go through the dog's skull, so minus some swelling (and probably a very bad headache), Kilo is going to be just fine. His owner was no doubt relieved, and I'm sure he was so thrilled to be able to properly thank his little hero for saving his life. Plenty of extra doggie treats and hugs were certainly in order, that's for sure.

This story is such an amazing example of the emotional connection and intense bond that people can have with their pets. We should never underestimate just how capable animals are of love, loyalty, and devotion. Dogs are nicknamed "man's best friend" for a reason, and Kilo is living proof of that.

Has your pet ever protected you or kept you out of harm's way?


Image via sally9258/Flickr

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