Guilty-Faced Puppy Makes Adorable Attempt to Escape Time-Out (VIDEO)

pug time outSneaky, sneaky little puppy!! I'm not entirely sure what language the human being in this video is speaking, so of course I'm not entirely sure what the human being in this video is saying to the aforementioned sneaky puppy, but I'm gonna go ahead and translate for kicks:

"Hey! Where do you think you're going? Oh, no you don't ... you're in time-out, Mister! Hey! HEY! I can still see you!"

Oh. My. God. The face on this pug!!! 

He knows he did something wrong ... but he's pretty sure if he's super stealth about it, he can get away without anybody noticing ...


Of course the little guy's powers of invisibility aren't quite as effective as he would like them to be, but really, does it matter? I don't care what this dog did to deserve a time-out, he's too cute to stay mad at for long.

You've gotta see this:

Is that a guilty face or what? I love the part at the end when the lady starts cracking up. How could you not?

Does your pet have a funny guilty face? Does he try to hide when he knows he did something wrong?


via wae1218/YouTube

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