Katy Perry Gets Luxurious Spanish Mansion in Divorce From Russell Brand (VIDEO)

katy perry house

Katy Perry won't have to worry about finding a new place to live after her split from Russell Brand, because he flat out gave her the rights to their spectacular $6.5 million L.A. mansion, which is located on the famous Sunset Strip.

Wow. That's pretty generous of him, isn't it? Considering that he's also not getting one cent of her $44 million fortune, it seems kind of strange that he wouldn't put up a fight for the house. He must really want to make sure he severs all ties to Katy once and for all. (Either that, or he's really nuts.)


And judging from how luxurious this house is, I highly doubt Katy will be pining for Russell inside its walls. The classic Mediterranean style home was built in 1925, so it has plenty of charm and character and all that good stuff.

But aside from the impressive architectural details, the pad also offers quite a bit of space and privacy. It sits on three acres, has a gorgeous pool, a guest house, and there are also seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms in the main home. Not too shabby.

Katy has been all smiles since her divorce from Russell was finalized as you can see in the video clip below. I wonder if scoring the house has anything to do with her happy demeanor?


Why do you think Russell gave up the house without a fight?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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