Disney 'Fantasy' Cruise Decor Is Like Living in a Fairy Tale

Disney 'Fantasy' Cruise Decor Is Like Living in a Fairy Tale

Disney Fantasy
The lobby on board -- first room you enter
I think it's pretty safe to say that I want to live on the Disney cruise ship, the Fantasy. After just three nights on board, we were nowhere near ready to leave. It wasn't JUST all the entertainment, the amazing kids' programs, the free babysitting, the adult-free zones, the food, and the spa. I fell head-over-heels in love with the decor.

It literally was like stepping into a Disney movie. Bright, saturated colors everywhere, whimsical shapes, and cushy, cushy, cushy. Is it all just a little bit silly? Um, YEAH. A lot silly. But the whimsy won me over. It made me wonder -- why take life so seriously? Keep reading to see what I mean.

This was a real leap for me. I own a dark brown couch. My living room walls are pale gray. I'm a little ... conservative with the home decor. But I'm going to start embracing more color from now on. And shiny? Bring it!

One photo you won't see here is the ruffle chair from the Ooh La La lounge -- and yes, you do need to drink some champagne before you can get that out of your mouth. It's one of the ship's bars -- excuse me, part of "Europa," their series of "adult nightclub experiences." Anyway, all of Ooh La La is froofy and fun, but they had these red velvet chairs whose backs were just one giant ruffle -- so cool. Anyway, enough words -- just look at the pictures.

Do you like bright colors in your home, or do you tend to play it safe?


Images via Adriana Velez

  • Peacock Chandelier

  • Peacock Rug


    There's a peacock theme running through the lobby. Now I'm obsessed with peacock feather motifs.

  • Golden Chaise Lounge


    A lovely spot to lounge.

  • Throne With Mosaic


    The throne is fun for photo ops, but the tile is the real star. We saw these gorgeous mosaics all over the ship -- including in some of the bathrooms.

  • Window Seat


    Sweet reading nook.

  • Super-Cozy Beds


    Frette sheets -- need I say more?

  • Pepe's Door


    Remember Pepe the King Prawn from The Muppets? He has his own little half-size door hidden in a corner of the ship!

  • Bench


    I want this bench.

  • Round Couch


    Oooh, golden ...

  • Sweet Nook for Two


    This is by the adults-only Quiet Cove Pool -- near a tiled hot tub and a misted wade-up bar.

  • Dyson Vac


    Call me weird, but I get excited by a Dyson. This is what keeps all the rugs clean.

  • Water Coaster


    Okay, I guess this isn't exactly home decor, but the Aqua Duck water coaster takes you all around the deck. You can ride it at night, too, when it's all lit up! Check out the cute Mickey glove slide to the side.

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