Ashton Kutcher Punks Justin Bieber by Stealing His Dream Home (VIDEO)

ashton kutcher homeJustin Bieber may officially be an adult, but he hasn't yet wandered into the territory of owning a home quite yet. Putting down roots is kind of a big step, and the Biebs certainly has plenty more time to decide where he wants to settle down and call home. Of course, there was one particular Hollywood pad that piqued his interest quite a bit and got him "this" close to being a permanent L.A. resident.

Justin was seriously considering shelling out $10.8 million for this super luxurious (and virtually all glass) home in the Hollywood Hills, but in what appears to be the ultimate case of being "punk'd," Ashton Kutcher swept it out from under his feet. Well -- sort of.


You see, Ashton was already living in the house. He'd been renting the place for $50,000 a month (yowza) since his marriage to Demi Moore fell apart back in December. With clean lines, an infinity pool, and views of Lake Hollywood, this home is truly the epitome of a bachelor pad. And Ashton certainly seems to dig his new single and ready to mingle status. If he was looking for the perfect place to entertain the ladies, he found it for sure.

Still, it's hard not to wonder if Ashton finally decided to give up renting and buy the place because he couldn't stand the thought of the Biebs living there after him. Justin is the new host of Punk'd on MTV, and he's doing a pretty great job with the show so far. It would kind of make sense if Ashton was just a little bit jealous of the warm reception Bieber is getting from viewers. Huh. Maybe Kutcher wanted to make sure that he was the one who had the last laugh?

To hear more about the dream home that was almost Bieber's, check out the video clip below.

Is Justin Bieber still too young to own a bachelor pad?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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