Live Like a True Material Girl in Madonna's Beverly Hills Mansion

madonna mansion

At 53 years old, it's definitely been a while since Madonna struck a pose in her lacy outfits and gloves, but none of her fans seem to mind that her style has evolved a bit over the years. Madge unarguably has some of the most loyal fans in the business, and one lucky (and very wealthy) lover of all things Madonna has the chance to truly live like none other than the Material Girl herself.

The singer just put her Beverly Hills mansion up for sale, but of course, it comes with a very hefty price tag -- $28 million to be exact. But honestly, who would expect to pay anything less for a home owned by someone as iconic and famous as Madonna?


There are no reports on why Madge is unloading the luxurious home, but there is speculation that it's probably because she's been spending quite a bit of time in New York City, where her daughter Lourdes is in high school. All moms only want what's best for their kids, regardless of their fame level, right?

The sprawling mansion is the same place she called home when she was married to Guy Ritchie, and when they purchased the pad in 2003, it was listed as having 5,800 square feet and three bedrooms. Three bedrooms? That's it? You'd think a home that large would have at least five or six.

And it probably does now. "Real estate insiders" do seem to think that Madonna added on over the years. Let's hope so -- especially since she's a mom of four. I can't imagine any of her kiddos actually sharing a bedroom, can you? That would just be so, well -- un-celeb-like of them. Surely she has separate quarters for each of her children. Gah!

The thought of touring Madonna's mansion while it's on the market does sound quite tempting, but don't get your hopes up on seeing an open house or anything like that. She has the property listed as a "pocket sale," so it doesn't get grouped in with the rest of her agent's "regular" million-dollar listings. Only the best for Material Girls with deep wallets, I guess.

If you could buy any celebrity's home, whose would it be and why?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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