Kitten Scared of Vacuum Is Literally the Cutest Thing You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

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kitten scared of vacuumI admit it. I'm more of a dog person than I am a cat person, so, occasionally, I skip over links to adorable kitten videos. (I know, I know.) It's just, I'm usually all like, "Where my dogs at?" But when I saw a still from this video of a kitten who's afraid of a vacuum cleaner ... well, it may have been the fastest I've ever clicked on anything in my life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a kitty who needs no introduction ... the kitten who's scared of a vacuum.

Look, we've all seen a lot of cute animal vids in our day, but this little guy has to take the cake. He looks like a cartoon when backed up against the wall -- he's got facial expressions and everything! I just want to scoop him up and cuddle him and tell him everything's going to be okay. No vacuum will ever get him on my watch. And then I'll have a massive attack of sneezing/itchy throat/hives because I'm severely allergic to cats. 

But you know what? It'd be worth it.

Can you handle how cute this kitten is? Is your pet scared of the vacuum? (Mine is! Awww ...)


Image via PageDelete/Flickr



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angnic angnic

The look is so priceless. Make it stop! Poor baby.

Lynette Lynette

oh my gosh so cute, poor kitty. 

Sevys... SevysMomma

Omg, I hate cats but I just laughed my ass off. That was the CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!

Katriena Young

Ohhhhhh....I want to cuddle the baby. So sweet.

nonmember avatar Brandy

Awwww,how cute? Scaring a tiny kitten with a monster noisy vac and thinking how cute? Animal abuse is more like it.

Susan Fowler

There was nothing cute about it!!!! That was cruel and disgusting. Whoever made the video is ignorant and sadistic. I'd call you a horse's butt, but that isn't fair to the horse.

Lisa Segundo

OMG people there is no harm in this okay get a grip! It is cute because no matter what they will get scared wow you people need to lighten up a little if you watch animal cops there is worse out there maybe you need a reality check or something!

Tanya Webster

I have to agree, the kitten I'm sure is completely adorable on a normal basis, but this was just mean, and the poor thing is no means worth getting the vid if it means you have to torture(yes terrifying an animal is torture)something/someone to do it. Shame on you!

Tanya Webster

Lisa're completely ignorant if you think there is no harm in this video...clearly the person started up the vacuum had full intent to do so to get the video to submit it...You are the one that needs to get a grip, it's sadistic, and yes there are worse things out there even that show you mentioned CAN'T show, so what, that doesn't lessen what was done here...would you say stick a child in a room full of bugs or snakes or anything that would terrify that child to get an "Awww how cute the baby looks so scared, but the face is priceless" response? No I think not. This kitten is a living creature and didn't deserve this.

Megan Garcia

People have to vacuum...Maybe they noticed the cat was scared when they were vacuuming and thought it was cute and wanted a video of it? I highly doubt they abuse that animal. It actually sounded like a fairly quiet vacuum. Get your knickers out of a wad.

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