6 Delightful Built-In Beds for Kids

I'm a sucker for smart design, which is probably why I love built-in-anything so much. Built-in beds for kids are especially awesome because not only do they maximize space, but they add extra storage as well. What's not to love about that?

See 5 more fantastic built-in beds for kids below:

Adding a trundle to this classic paneled built-in bed was pure genius. Double the bed for half the space! I love it.

I've seen a lot of built-ins take advantage of the low ceilings found in attic spaces. Without the side-by-side bunks, this long room would have been pretty difficult to utilize effectively. The bright bedding and light floors were a fantastic choice. What kid wouldn't want to sleep here?

Adding a play space underneath a loft bed is such a fun and playful idea. This castle-themed bed looks like a great place to let your little one's imagination run wild! I'll bet it sometimes doubles as a puppet theater.

This cool built-in bed is perfect for your older child. I love the bright walls and especially the privacy curtain, because we all know how important that is to kids of a certain age ...

I adore everything about this modern space, from the built-in bed to the bookshelves to the stairs. It's so contemporary and right up my alley.

How do you feel about built-in beds for your child's room? Too permanent for your taste, or dying to try?

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Top image via French By Design

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memek... memekisses

Those are all really cool and id definitely try em!

Boobo... Boobookittt74

I'm lovin all those ideas. I would totally love that on my house I love space saving!

EliSays EliSays

I haven't logged in to this account in months, so believe me when I say that I love this article! It's cute, useful, and positive. Keep up the good work!

Aeris... AerisKate

I think all of these are so cute! But the second picture scares me for younger kids - I'd be afraid they'd unlock the window at night and jump out!!!

navyw... navywife0204

WOW!  I think my girls would love something like these!


My mom just did this in her guest room for the grandkids. Her wall was 5inches too short to use a twin bed, so she shortened a twin mattress and my dad built a platform w storage underneath -- my 5 yr olds excited to test it out this weekend!!

sacmom3 sacmom3

Can I have that fifth one for myself?

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