8 Hilariously Devilish April Fool's Day Pranks You'll Want to Try


coffee mugIsn't April Fool's Day kind of refreshing after how serious life seems most of the time? We get so stuck in our monotonous routines throughout the year, so it's nice to have a change of pace today and be able to let our hair down and have a little fun.

Of course, if you are planning on doing any pranking today, you definitely want to be careful with who is at the brunt of your joke. It's probably best to stick to people who know you well to avoid any feelings getting hurt or having someone get really turned off or offended.

I've come up with a list of 8 April Fool's pranks that are funny, but also pretty harmless (they shouldn't get you into too much trouble).


Show up at one of your good friend's houses unannounced, and proceed to drop your child off with a suitcase and thank her profusely for agreeing to keep junior while you and your husband jet off to the Bahamas for the week. While she's trying to come up with something to say, get back in your car and start to drive off. But don't get too far down the driveway before letting her know it's a joke!

Invite your friends over for dinner at your house, and put on a fancy cocktail dress before they arrive. When they show up dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, act like you're offended that they didn't get all dolled up for the occasion.


Get yourself a huge (but very cheap) fake diamond ring, put it on, and tell your husband that you thought you deserved a little treat, so you went out and upgraded your engagement ring. The look on his face will be totally priceless.

This one's simple, but sure to get a good reaction out of him -- simply tell him that you had a long conversation with your mother, and you agreed to let her move in with the two of you. If he doesn't faint immediately, then let him sweat for a few minutes before letting him in on your little prank.


Get together with your office peeps and have everyone email the boss and request vacation days all at the same time. Then see if she has a tough time deciding whose days get approved!

For your co-workers who love their java, hijack their coffee mug off their desk and leave a picture of it instead -- along with a ransom note. They'll get a good laugh -- but don't wait too long before returning the mug. Caffeine is serious business.


Fool your little ones at the dinner table by making these "fake" baked potatoes. They'll get such a huge giggle after seeing these on their plates!

Get downstairs before they wake up, and set up a dummy-style dad reading the paper. They'll erupt in laughter when they figure out the man sitting at the table reading the paper doesn't have a head!

What other funny April Fool's pranks have you tried?


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nonmember avatar smartalec12345

these are the lamest jokes on the planet

Lynette Lynette

I'm 39wks pregnant.  Yeah DH had fun sending the we had the baby text to one of his good friends/

gabedrew gabedrew

Is this article a joke? Wow

Todd Vrancic

I once just waited until a friend of mine sat down and started laughing for no reason.  He spent the next ten minutes trying to figure out what I had done to the chair.

magic... magicalmommy12

wow these are lame! Im not very creative when it comes to pranks but I at least got my sister with something a little better then these. While she was in the shower I swapped the clean clothes she had laid out for a diaper and outfit I borrowed from my 12 week old and her towel for a roll of toilet paper then stood in the hallway waiting for her to get out.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

I thought these were funny!

nonmember avatar dw

I've changed my brother's ringtone to Jigglypuff's Lullaby, his new text-message notification to Navi's "Hey! Listen!" from Zelda 64, and his laptop screensaver to a safe-for-work anime girl picture slideshow. I've put an empty doughnut bag in front of my mom's full one so she thought at first her doughnuts were all gone. I've filled a coworker's locker with super balls, and one year it was packing peanuts. I've visited my old school when April 1 fell on a weekday, gone through the halls and un-rigged all the rigged lockers. One time, I even changed the screensavers at the library to a safe-for-work anime girls slideshow.

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