Amazing Basset Hound Saves His Own Life By Calling 911

basset hound 911This story is so cute that it makes me want to hug myself. In West Yorkshire, England, a poor old basset hound named George was just innocently playing with the phone cord when things took a tragic turn -- he became so entangled in the spiral cord that it started choking him. But George would not give up that easily. In the throes of death's arms, he somehow managed to call emergency services on the very rotary phone that was responsible for his potentially fatal predicament.

The emergency dispatcher who received the call heard the heavy breathing into the phone and sent four policemen to George's residence. Paramedics to the rescue!


After learning about the commotion, a neighbor went into George's home and ripped him free from the choking cord. George was saved.

It's pretty impressive that a dog would be dumb enough to choke himself on a telephone cord, yet smart enough to dial England's equivalent of 9-1-1, but George is a special, special guy. His owner Lydia Brown seemed surprised by her dog's actions, admitting that "he's usually not very smart," but perhaps, it would seem, she's selling her dog a little short.

Yes, he looks like he feels sorry for himself all the time and likes to chew on socks, but he's also one resourceful pup. I just want to snuggle with him all day long and talk or not talk for hours about the day he made a call to save his life.

How much do you love George?


Photo via Marilyn Jane/Flickr (not George, just a look-alike)

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