Cat, Eagle & Fox Are Adorable Proof That We CAN All Just Get Along (VIDEO)

foxSo I'm not sure, but I think the lady filming this might be some sort of modern-day Snow White. Modern-day Alaskan Snow White, that is. Because how many people just walk outside and find themselves suddenly surrounded by a menagerie of friendly animals? (Who otherwise probably wouldn't have anything to do with each other, truth be told.)

Whoever this fox/eagle/cat whisperer is, though, one thing is for sure: The rest of us can definitely learn a lesson from these creatures and their accepting, tolerant ways.


I mean, look at these guys. I don't detect a hint of animosity -- and they're animals!

(Brief tangent here: How cute are foxes?!?!)

These critters could be the mascots for a new age. The Age of ... of ... oh, for crying out loud, I don't know.

Just look at the cute animals!!

Why do you think these cats, eagle and fox are getting along so well?


Image via pla1554alaska/YouTube

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