Soldier's Homecoming Makes His Adorable Dog Deliriously Happy (VIDEO)

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chuck dogMost of us dog owners know what's waiting for us when we get home. Someone so deliriously happy to see us that nothing can stand between us and them? I mean not nothing, not nobody, not no how? But a boxer named Chuck is trying to put some of the most lovable mutts to the test on the "best welcome home ever" front.

Poor Chuck has been living without his soldier papa for an entire eight-month deployment. He's had his loyalty tested by time, but as the video of their reunion shows, he has refused to waver. Grab your tissues for this one, you're going to need them:


Just imagine coming home to that every day! When people ask me what's so great about having a dog, I tell them it's one of the best self-esteem boosters in the world to walk in the door and see someone who is always happy to see me. And by happy to see me, I mean so excited that she is scratching at the front door (yes, we repaint ... often), thwapping her tail on the wall, practically peeing herself with excitement. She's like a freight train of loving coming straight at me.

But even my boxer mix doesn't come close to Chuck's energy level! Of course, she is lucky enough to see her favorite family members every day. Chuck, on the other hand, just went through his second deployment without his favorite soldier around to play fetch and cuddle on the couch (if I've learned anything about boxers, it's that they think they're lapdogs ... all 70 pounds of them).

Like the two-legged members of a soldier's family, their dogs make that sacrifice for our country. And they deserve that special homecoming moment with their soldier just like Chuck.

Who greets you when you get home like Chuck? A dog? A person? Anyone?


Image via Kdaisy84/YouTube

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Kelli... KelliansMom

My boxer mix does that every time my husband comes home...(he is gone for months or weeks at a time) and now you add our son into the mix and its hilarious) 

nonmember avatar Donette

Oh my goodness that is so awesome!!!! It made me so happy that I cried!! LOL... Former Army wife through deployments so I can relate!! I think I was that dog when he came home form Iraq!! :) Thank you for your service!!!

MomoJL MomoJL

I'd be pretty happy to see that particular soldier coming home to me, too!  Yummy! Lol


sweet... sweetcherry_59

I agree MomoJL....dayum!

As for the dog, freaking adorable! My dog gets excited every time I come hone for the day but he is NO WHERE near that enthusiastic!

Katriena Young

How sweet is this? So cute. The dog is cearly thinking "YOU'RE HOME!!!! YOU'RE HOME!!!! YOU'RE HOME!!!!"

jessi... jessicasmom1

how cute YOUR HOME!!! YOUR HOME!!! that dog is super excited 

kebates kebates

So sweet

nonmember avatar Christie

I LOVEEEEE that Soldier and that dog!!

How sweet. This is something that non-dog owners will never understand until they feel it for themselves. We have 4 dogs who we love like children. I would have more if I had room, dogs are awesome.

LadyRabbit White

aww this just makes me melt. poor thing missed him so much

Nickolaus Merdock

To believe we didnt even think about posting it on youtube until some friends told us too!

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