Teresa Giudice’s Ostentatious Beach House Makes Her Look Even Worse (VIDEO)

teresa giudiceTeresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey and Celebrity Apprentice infamy has taught me a lot of life lessons. For starters, there's no such thing as "too much" when it comes to young girls, tulle, and bows; screaming louder means you're smarter; and money, no matter what your financial circumstance, is no object. Tre really brings this point home when she gives Bravo TV cameras a tour of her new summer home on the Jersey shore.

Teresa, who's rumored to be $11 million in debt and whose husband Joe is being accused of fraud, has no problem dishing out the cashola for some of life's least important material possessions.


I know Teresa likes to go on the reunion shows and claim that no one knows the truth, that she's doing fine money-wise, thankyouverymuch, but evidence would suggest otherwise. She had an auction at her New Jersey home to sell off some of her belongings, and then filed for bankruptcy before revoking it. Apparently, she's been able to pay off her creditors, but still. Something ain't adding up.

Even if we added up the income from her "cookbooks," some of Joe's property, and the income from her reality TV endeavors, do we think it would add up to $14 million or so? Do we think that she's now debt free and is able to responsibly pay her bills every month while purchasing and redesigning waterfront property?

At some point, her over-the-top expenditures are going to catch up with her ... again. While 24 million Americans are unemployed, Teresa's buying fior de li home accents and Sea Doos.

As much as we love watching Teresa self-destruct on cable TV, at some point we might get fed up with her fiscal irresponsibility because in some ways, we're all paying for it.

Watch Teresa give a tour of her summer home:

 What do you think Teresa's deal is?


Photo via bravotv.com

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