House Being Built for Injured Marine in Record Time Shows Crazy Love (VIDEO)

manny jimenezConnecticut Marine Manny Jimenez lost his arm and some of his hearing during an explosion last year while serving in Afghanistan. Currently, he's back at home, trying to get his life in order. He's finishing up treatment at Walter Reed Hospital, and he has plans to go back to school in the near future. As most can imagine, it's been a long, arduous process for Jimenez, but slowly but surely, he's getting his life back together. And now, thanks to the organizations Purple Heart Homes and Heart 9-11, a house is one less thing Jimenez has to worry about.

This past Thursday, 100 emergency workers from New York City showed up to frame and side Jimenez's new home in Glastonbury. What should have taken months took just days -- we're talking real life Extreme Home Makeover stuff here. So now Manny's got one less thing to worry about. He should be moving into his new place by June.

Dude. These people are amazing. Check them out.


The fact that these people were able to get this far along on Manny's house in this amount of time is impressive enough. But the fact that over 100 people came out to help is truly amazing and a testament to the love and respect everyone has for people in Manny's position.

The guy's got enough on his plate. Clearly. Having to worry about a home -- one of life's most basic needs -- shouldn't be at the forefront of his brain right now. He has other stuff to deal with. Thankfully, these organizations and volunteers are letting him deal with said things. Can't wait to see what the finished product looks like when Manny moves in in June. (And I bet he can't either.)

How cool is this?

Image via NBC

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