World's Tiniest Puppy Is Up for Adoption: SQUEE!

world's tiniest puppy
Not Beyonce. Just a cute Dachshund.
You guys. What if I told you that Beyonce was up for adoption. Would you freak? And what if I told you that Beyonce is actually the name of the world's tiniest puppy who is the size of a business card -- would you lose your ish even more? Prepare to have your mind blown because it's true -- Beyonce, the world's tiniest pup pup, is 2 weeks old, and in about two more weeks, she'll be up for adoption at a northern California animal foundation. Now. I don't think I've ever written this word, but I can't think of anything more appropriate than, um, SQUEE!!


Vets didn't think Beyonce was going to live and predicted she'd be stillborn because of her size. When she came out, she was so small, she could fit in a spoon. A puppy? In a spoon? Here I go again ... SQUEE!!

Beyonce is a Dachshund mix and is now a totally healthy, albeit totally tiny, normal little doggie. I have no idea if she's expected to grow to be averaged size, but part of me hopes that she'll get no bigger than an iPhone and her owner will just carry her around in his front pocket. A puppy? In a front pocket? I think you know where this is going ... SQUEE!!

Maybe one day, when Beyonce is old enough to start a family of her own, her miniature litter will be an Internet sensation, just like their mother. And perhaps one tiny little pup will stand out from his brothers and sisters, and she will be named Blue Ivy, and she will be our adorable, teensy-weensy, pocket-sized leader. I'd bow to her, for sure. SQUEE!!

World's tiniest puppy! Discuss.


Photo via jasontucker/Flickr

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